More than just clean facilities

A clean and properly maintained space does not cease to be what it appears as – a clean facility – but we see something more: the experience we facilitate for you through our services! To wit, that we have created the conditions for safe, healthy and productive work.
A clean working environment will be pleasant as well as inspiring for your staff.
Focus on your work and leave cleanness to us. It is our job

We will reinforce your corporate image.

Your space will be a model of cleanness, a pleasant & welcoming space for your clients and visitors. Among the benefits you, your employees and your visitors will enjoy, we can offer, should you so wish, a unique ecological system for upgrading air quality in interior spaces.

Ecobreeze demonstratively removes allergens and indoor air pollutants, thus decreasing the risk of illness for employees, while it also neutralizes unpleasant odours, even from toilets. In addition it offers the option of scenting, offering a great choice of original scents, for you to choose what best fits your corporate identity.