We reinforce your corporate image.

We establish the conditions for safe, healthy and productive work. A clean working environment where your personnel may work comfortably and be inspired. Focus on the essentials of your work and leave your cleanliness to us. This is our job!

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Megacycle Cleaning Services: Clearly superior!

  • Everything begins with you

    Your needs set our priorities. It is for this reason that all of our collaborations begin with the assessment of your needs and the inspection of your facilities. Whether you are looking for an individual service or an integrated solution, our objective is to offer you high quality services adjusted to your needs.

  • Flexible solutions

    Experience has taught us that your needs may change… and for this reason the services we offer are also flexible. We in Megacycle believe in communication and close collaboration. You will be assigned your Account Manager from our team of professionals, who will listen and discuss with you the new circumstances.
    We wish to align ourselves to your needs.

  • Clean and… straightforward

    We are an associate you can trust. We build our client relations on trust, there are no hidden costs. We are pursuing long-lasting relationships of trust and thus we will always be straightforward and sincere!

  • Our Three Pillars: Cleanness – Hygiene – Safety

    We, at Megacylce, ascribe value to everything: our facilities, our human resources, the environment. We select materials under the most stringent criteria, ensuring optimal efficiency, while being friendly for humans and have a low environmental impact.

    We utilize innovative ecological products, modern equipment and always look for innovative cleaning systems.

    Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we have ensured that all of our services meet the required health and safety specifications.

  • Our service have a broad spectrum of applications

    We are here to make sure that your premises are always pristine clean and ensure a healthy environment for you and your customers. We can undertake the cleaning of an office or of an airport!
    Here you can see what we can offer to you!

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Enjoy our services!

We are just a phone-call or e-mail away!

Enjoy our services!

We are just a phone-call or e-mail away!