People are behind and above everything!

Our excellent materials and modern equipment create the conditions for success, but do not suffice by themselves.
It is our people who make the difference!

  • We have a saying at Megacycle: do it well and on time!

    Our personnel is well trained in the use of the materials and machinery and will perform their duties effectively, efficiently and always within the prescribed schedule, always guided by the high standards we pose.

    Our people are discreet during their work,but always open to communication. We cannot promise that no mistakes will ever be made, but we can guarantee that should this happen, we will be there to correct it.

  • We never stop evolving at Megacycle.

    We build upon our experience, share them, because something we may have learned yesterday can fit your needs today. We despise stagnancy. We invest in the continuous education and training of our personnel, through seminars and demonstrations of new equipment, aiming at professional competence and skill development.

    We encourage self-improvement and reward responsible work.